Textile Banks

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There are many great reasons why clothing banks benefit the environment and to society. As an environmentally friendly alternative to textiles being incinerated, or put into a landfill sites, these materials can be recycled, processed and fed into areas of great need.

Unwanted textiles of any quality can be taken to textile banks dotted around Scotland, and the UK. You can donate adults and children’s clothes, curtains, towels and bed linen, belts, bags, hats and shoes. All textiles collected are exported to Eastern Europe and Africa.

Key Features:

  • Great rates £400-£600 per ton collected
  • Availability 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Banks emptied weekly
  • Great security features
  • All textiles banks sauitable for public areas
  • Textile banks meet HSE safety requierments

You can have a standard textile bank design or choose from our fun monster design.

Glasgow Recycling currently operate 20 textile banks located at various sites around Scotland. We work closely with local authorities, ensuring a continued expansion of recycling services throughout Scotland with a further 50 banks awaiting placement.

Textile banks are installed FREE OF CHARGE and can be placed in locations such as Supermarkets, Waste Management sites, Council premises, Business premises, School premises, Youth Clubs/Centres, and Churches.

Cash incentives are in place to those wishing to have a textile bank placed on their premises. Textile banks are emptied weekly, contents weighed and a fee calculated and paid to the owners of the site.

Cash can be gained for your staff, pupils or nominated charities. Payments amount to £400-£600 for every ton collected.

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